What are the benefits of trail cameras on hunting properties?

Posted by Jeff Bewsher on Dec 18, 2019 10:39:52 AM
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Whether you hunt on your own land or lease hunting land, our land professionals are here to offer the insight you need. There are many benefits of trail cameras on hunting properties. With the help of our knowledgeable staff on the right camera placements, you’ll receive critical information on what roams your land.

1. Better Hunting Intel

2. Scenery

3. Advanced Security

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1. Better Hunting Intel

While  many hunters debate an unfair competitive advantage aspect that trail cameras provide, there is no debate that the cameras are extremely useful in many ways. For hunters that do not have the time to retreat to their property and diligently scout a location for an extended period of time, game cameras can give them enough insight to be prepared before arriving. Like most technological devices, trail cameras have become extremely sophisticated with digital features that allow you to access your photos on your phone. Whether or not you prefer to limit the technology these devices offer, if utilized properly, they can provide you with everything you would want to know.

2. Scenery

Perhaps the most underrated aspect to trail cameras is that they can transport you to another place with just a click of a button. If your trail cameras are properly installed and monitored for year-round service, you can observe live feeds or beautiful still shots of the scenery and fascinating wildlife from the comforts of your home or office. For people that cannot get away to their favorite destination often, this at least allows them a moment to appreciate the property and its wildlife from time to time.

3. Advanced Security

Landowners prefer not to think about it, however, property owners must worry about the occasional trespasser during hunting season. Even though we utilize trail cameras primarily for hunting intel and wildlife shots, in some cases the photos can be utilized to confirm that your property has been breached by an uninvited guest. With a trail camera, you could potentially also discover a set schedule of when trespassers are more prone to illegally entering your property and where they frequent on your property.

There are a variety of ways that trail cameras can make your hunting property even more enjoyable and secure. If you are interested in leasing hunting land in Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Arkansas or Louisiana, do not hesitate to consult with a Legacy Wildlife Services leasing expert.

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